The Faithful


How do you tell our amazing story in 20 minutes? I know I couldn’t do it properly just speaking. However, 49ers Studios — lead by team VP and Executive Producer Robert Alberino, Jr. — did just that. Alberino, along with fellow producer Wil Blackwell, exceeded all expectations in crafting this episode of their weekly series titled “The Faithful.”

Two nights before the 2014 NFC Championship Game, Wil joined us to shoot our airport greeting. Later that evening, six of us met with the 49ers Studio Crew for sit down interviews. Each of us spent about 15-20 minutes with them. The next day, at the team coordinated rally at J&M Cafe, they some more footage of us outside. That’s a lot of footage and dialogue to sift through! Somehow, after literally months of editing and mastering, the video above resulted.

Years of history. Months of planning. Hours of content. Twenty minutes of perfection.

Though we couldn’t include everyone, our goal was to represent every member of the club. We hope you enjoy the show and feel as though your passion for the team was appropriately shown to the rest of the Niner Empire and Faithfuls world wide!