Code of Conduct

We aim to represent ourselves, Seattle Niners Faithful (“the club”), the San Francisco 49ers and other 49ers fans worldwide with class. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, hate speech, personal attacks or violence of any kind at our events or on our social media groups. Please keep the following in mind:

1) When attending our events, we ask that you not engage in actions that will land you in trouble, or get our group removed from the venue. Friendly banter and quick wit is welcome, but participating in excessively vulgar or physical altercations can lead to your removal from the event and the club.

2) Be respectful of other club members. There are times that sensitive and potentially divisive topics will arise. We welcome debate and differing opinions. However, please make your point without things like name calling, questioning fandom or taking things to a personal level. Please know your audience when discussing things like politics, religion and other sensitive non-football topics that can divide us from our singular love: The 49ers.

3) Please tip the wait staff. You are adults and must make this choice yourself, but we have gone to great lengths to secure safe, fun environments for you to enjoy 49ers football and other events. These businesses are welcoming us in, despite us being “behind enemy lines.” When we don’t tip, it makes the entire club look bad. Please be kind to your wait staff that is working while you are having a good time. If you receive what you feel is poor service, please let your event host know so it can be addressed with management of the establishment.

4) The following actions will result in immediate removal from the club, and all events, until a review of the situation can occur: Racism, hate speech, sexism, sexual harassment, excessive harassment of another patron or fighting. Any banned member will be permitted to appeal in writing, and will be informed of a decision after a review of their appeal.