Seattle Niners Faithful is a social club, connecting San Francisco 49ers fans living in the greater Seattle area.

  • Official booster club of the San Francisco 49ers
  • Seattle Chapter of The Niner Empire
Watch our episode of “The Faithful,” a series produced by the 49ers!

We invite you to join us on our Facebook group, or at one of our viewing locations on game days. The bulk of our conversation takes place on Facebook, with membership currently in excess of 3300.

To connect San Francisco 49ers fans in the Greater Seattle area, who may feel alone. Many folks are imports here, just like us, that may have suffered years of having to watch games in the presence of the enemy. It is our goal to make it that not a single Niners fan in this area is Faithful alone!

We are Niners Faithfuls; supporters of the San Francisco 49ers. We live, eat and breath Red and Gold. We live in Seattle and the surrounding area. We care about, and treat, each other like family. We seek others in the area who have been without fellow Faithfuls and bring them into the family.

Joining costs you nothing. This is a non-profit group that wants to help bring together 49ers fans in the Seattle area. We may hold group fundraisers at times, but you are never obligated to participate. Doing so is appreciated, but will not result in any preferential treatment. We only permit adults in the Facebook group, but many of our events are family friendly.

While we all deal with the noise from the 12th Man, we should always represent ourselves, the group, the 49ers and other Faithfuls worldwide with class. Trash talk is part of football, and we absolutely will do plenty of that. However, we ask all Seattle Faithful members to refrain from engaging in excessive vulgar confrontations, fights and anything else that might land you in a troubling situation. We have a zero-tolerance policy for discriminatory language and actions.

SNF leadership currently consists of 9 members:

Alex Carson, President
Jay Reyes, Vice President
Kurt Rosenfeld, Vice President
Christina Framstad, Snohomish Captain
Alexandra Blakely, Seattle Captain
Kevin Bailey, Pierce Captain
Tara Reilly, Pierce Captain
Natalie Kayl, At Large

This group’s sole objective is to find ways to make this the premiere 49ers club in Washington State. They coordinate meetups, events, charitable causes and discuss ways to improve Seattle Niners Faithful.





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