Membership Dues
$0.00 — Joining costs you nothing. This is a non-profit group that wants to help bring together 49ers fans in the Seattle area. We may hold group fundraisers at times, but you are never obligated to participate. Doing so is appreciated, but will not result in any preferential treatment.

Membership Eligibility
– Must be a 49ers fan
– Must live in the greater Seattle area of Western Washington
– Facebook and G+ groups are 18+
– Most events are family friendly, bring the kids!

Maintaining Membership
We aim to represent ourselves, the club, the San Francisco 49ers and other Niners fans worldwide with class. We do not tolerate discrimination, hate speech or violence of any kind. When attending our events, we ask that you develop thick skin and not react to trolls in a way that will land you in trouble, or get our club removed from the venue.